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EKG Report
Quick, Easy Access to Old EKG Records

Having Your Old EKGs Available Will Help Your Doctors Make A More Timely Decision Plan.

Make a more timely cardiac diagnosis with access to your Old EKGs using the Old EKG App. Finding Old EKG records can be difficult and impractical during an emergency, but the information they contain can be crucial for proper care and treatment. Your Old EKG images can be accessed rapidly using the OLD EKG App. Having a quick comparison of EKG may lead to a more timely diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as avoiding costly, risky, and unnecessary testing. Your OLD EKG records can be pulled directly from your smartphone for easy comparison.

You even have the option to e-mail your OLD EKG.

EKG Reading

You simply import your EKGs into the OLDEKG App. By taking a picture of your EKG using the camera within the app or importing your OLD EKGs from your phone's pictures App.


Our developer is a practicing Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician who has endured the frustration of having to hospitalize patients and initiate costly and extensive testing and procedures which could have been avoided if an old EKG would have been available for comparison.

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